Savings Bundles

Hypnosis Package

Including HypnoMothering with your Hypnobabies curriculum gives you amazing birth and parenting preparation. So many students come to the end of Hypnobabies classes and want "more". They know that they are well prepared for whatever outcome may come to pass during birth, but what then? A new baby at home is about learning and adjusting to a new normal, and we can help you in this transition. 

Hypnobabies ($450 value) 

HypnoMothering ($75 value)

Total Value = $525


You save $25

Mindful Birthing Package

The deluxe option. Not only will you get amazing birth and parenting preparation with Hypnobabies and HypnoMothering but now you can take your knowledge and understanding of what evidence based information is and how to get it in your birth to the next level. We will talk not only about what the research shows internationally but how it plays out within our system locally.

Hypnobabies ($450 value) 

HypnoMothering ($75 value)

Evidence Based Birth Class ($75 value)

Evidence Based Birth Online Series ($150 value)

Total Value = $750


You save $150

On The Road Package

HypnoMothering and Evidence Based Birthing are each a single 3-hour class. I am excited to "take them on the road"! They will be offered in Central (Grand Falls) and Western (Corner Brook) in the Summer 2016 and by demand. 

HypnoMothering  = $75

Evidence Based Birth Class = $75

Evidence Based Birth Online Series = $150


Value = $300

You save $125

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